In the Book of Amar Mul, Dharam Das 
asks how it is that Jivas [souls] fail to realize their
unity with God. Sat Guru Kabir replies:

 ”All the Jivas came from Satya-Loka [True, Eternal Realm]
undefiled and devoid of Karma.
The clouds lift up the water from the ocean
and rain down pure water,
but in contact with the earth the water becomes impure.
 Then is the Jiva embraced by Maya [illusion];
the body at birth is defiled by Karma.
As the air purifies the impure water,
 so does Gyan [Gnosis, Spiritual Acquaintance]
remove Karma and the purity of the Jiva is restored.
Knowing itself, it separates itself from the water
and being disembodied
reaches the Durbar [The Abode, Satya Loka].
The Atma [soul] mingles with Paramatma [God],
as the rivers flow into the ocean.
Only in this way
can Paramatma be found.
 The Atma [soul] without Shabda* is blind
and cannot find the path.
He who sees Atma-Raam [God, Supreme Soul] is present everywhere;
all he sees is like himself,
there is nought else beside God.
‘I am he, I am he; the true, Kabir.’”

* Shabda: The Positive Power, Current of Divine Light and Sound,

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