“Let me resolve to become truly human!

If I become truly human it will be pleasing to God.

Whether I am Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, Hindu or Christian,

We should embrace one another just as Brothers and Sisters.

We are like the different Stars Shining in the same sky.

How beautiful they look as they keep on twinkling.

We are all like the different flowers in the same garden.

How beautiful they look as they keep on blooming.

The one temple contains Lights of various kinds.

How beautiful they look as they produce their various Lights.

The Gita, Puran, Vedas, Guru Granth and Koran,

Are the scriptures of humankind,

which we should read with Love.”

From the book, Kabir Bhajan Amritam,

translated by Dr. J. Das,

The Kabir Association of Canada

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