“I am glad to note that you saw stars, sun 
and moon as well as the Form of the Master, and heard
the Sound of conch-shell. In future, when you see
stars just try to pick out a big star among them and
fix your inner gaze into the middle thereof. It will
grow brighter and ultimately burst to give you fur-
ther way up. If, however, you see the sun and the
moon within you, just look into the middle thereof.
That will also give you a way up. But when you see
the Form of the Master within, just absorb yourself
sweetly into It, so much so that you forget yourself.
That will develop receptivity in you and the Master
will speak to you as He does outside.”

“The inner Light does not come or go. It is always
there within. It appears only when we are attuned
and concentrated and disappears as soon as there is
the slightest dispersion. The Light will not vanish if
you just keep your inner gaze constantly fixed.”

— Kirpal Singh, Spiritual Elixir


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