In the Forms I Beheld the Formless…..

Mystic Verses of Kabir

What a music of the flute!

It fills me with bliss.

No wick yet a lamp lights up,

no roots yet a lotus blossoms,

and myriad flowers nod their heads.

As moon-bird

cries for the moon,

and rain-bird pines for the rain-drop,

so longing for God,

I live forever with saints.

The restless mind is put at rest,

and the heart is illumined.

In the forms I beheld the Formless,

along with the Friend.

Breaking the shackles,

You set me free from all the bondage.

Now Inaccessible is accessible,

and soaked in love is Kabir.

— Kabir

translated by Sushila Mahajan, in,

Says Kabir…..

A Collection of One Hundred and Ten Poems of Kabir

Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi


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