Question: Does Lord Buddha practice or prescribe the same path of the Masters as is being revived by Sant Mat?

Kirpal Singh: The Masters generally divide their disciples into two categories, (i) the ordinary disciples or novices who are yet in the making stage and require a lot of discipline; and to them are given disciplinary sadhans or practices, and (ii) disciples with some grounding as a result of disciplines practiced in the past — maybe in the previous births. They constitute the inner corps of their following. They are the chosen ones, or the elect, fit for a higher part of the Masters’ teachings. It was to the disciples of this calibre that Buddha gave the practice of Light and Sound Principle as taught by the Masters. To this chosen class belonged Boddhisatvas, Mahasatvas and Arhats like Mahakashyapa, Sariputra, Sammant-bhadra, Metaluniputra, Mandgalyayana, Akshobya, Vejuria, Maitraya, Avolokiteshvra, Ananda and the like, all of whom attained ‘Diamond Samadhi’ of transcendental consciousness by concentrating upon Transcendental Hearing, listening to the ‘Sound of Intrinsic Dharma’ resembling the roar of a lion, etc.

Please refer to the book Naam or Word for more details:


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