We Are In the Present Moment – Standing at the Crossroads of Time

They said to him, “Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you.” He said to them, “You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine the present moment.” (Gospel of THOMAS, Saying 91)

Rumi: “Some persons, relying on the promise of ‘tomorrow’, have wandered for years around that door, but ‘tomorrow’ never comes. My friend, the Sufi is the child of the present moment: to say ‘tomorrow’ is not our way.”

Kirpal Singh: “Standing at the crossroads of Time, we must make a firm resolve to do better from day to day; at least from the New Year’s Day that beckons us on with a promise of rosy dawn. As there are landmarks on earth, so there are landmarks in Time. The past and future are like sealed books to us: the one is in the limbo of oblivion, while the other is in the womb of uncertainty. It is only the LIVING PRESENT that is ours, and we must make the best use of it, ere it slips away through the fingers and is lost forever. Human birth is a great privilege and offers us a golden opportunity. It is for us to make or mar the same, for it is given to each individual to forge his or her own destiny as best he may.”


i can appreciate this moment and say my current place in life is the happiest i’ve ever been.


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