I am a free being in this world – Kabir

I am a free being in this world – Kabir

Sant Mat Quote of the Day:

I am intoxicated with love,
I have lost all need for cleverness.
I am a free being in this world,
I have lost all need for eliciting favors,
For the sake of friendship with the worldly.
Those who are separated from the Beloved,
Wander aimlessly from door to door.
My dearly Beloved is within me,
So why should I go searching for him?
The worldly struggle desperately for name and fame,
And endure intolerable sufferings.
I am replete with the Beloved’s wisdom.
What need do I have for name and fame?
My Beloved never departs, not even for a moment,
I am never separated from him.
If such is the bliss of love I enjoy,
What need have I for restless longing?
Kabir has united with the Beloved,
And abandoned all duality from the heart.
The Path I walk is a delicate one,
Why should I add heavy bundles to my head?

Stones Of Simplicity (SOS)

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