>The Spiritual Experience One Has In The Beginning Is Not Enough


The Spiritual Experience One Has In The Beginning Is Not Enough

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The Spiritual Experience One Has In The Beginning Is Not Enough

“The spiritual experience one may have in the practices of Simran, Dhyan and Bhajan in the beginning should not be taken as full and complete. Rather, one should remain hopeful of getting more and more of internal realization. If one has no internal realization at all, then it is book knowledge. It is knowledge theoretical, but not realization; such a one is given to learning but not devoted to practices. As one makes headway in the meditation practices, one will go on having ever-new experiences. It is with a definite purpose that the whole of the Secrets have not been revealed in the Banis. As one advances internally, the Secrets will unfold themselves to one automatically, stage by stage. A partial realization is not enough. One should always remain hopeful of getting more and more realization.” (Maharaj Saheb, “Discourses”)

This Will Help You

“Be simple. Be dedicated in doing your work. Believe in Sat Purush (God). Pay attention to your actions and beware of karma. Do whatever is good for society. Be the purest form of a human being. Just think purely, act purely, and love purely ….. everyone, anyone. This will help you come closer to God. By attaining this purity you will give a place to God, and the Sound Current will reside within you.” (Anonymous)

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