>Perseverance Pays – Never Ever Give Up or Discontinue Meditation.



Perseverance Pays – Never Ever Give Up or Discontinue Meditation. You Will Definitely Meet With Success.

DhIraj dharay to kAraj saray. Jaldi karay to kAraj bigare” [Patience and Perseverance pays, while haste makes waste.]

Below was translated by Pravesh K. Singh, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India, and is excerpted from the last satsang prawachan (discourse) given by Maharshi Santsevi Paramhans jee Mahaaraaj, just one day before he departed this world. This public discourse was given by him on Sunday, 3rd of June, 2007 in the Satsang Hall of Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India on the occasion of the weekly afternoon satsang.

Jagjivan Sahab has said: “KAraj dhIre hot hai, kAhe hot adhIr. Samay pAy taruwar falay, ketak sIncho nIr.” [Any work takes its own due time, why do you forsake patience? Trees come to fruition only at the right time, however hard you may try and water them!]

Santsevi Ji: We sit in meditation, fail to concentrate, and get upset or fed up. A pessimistic thinking sets in as to whether or not “I would be able to do it.” No, we should not get nervous, or anxious. Nor should we nurture any doubts in our minds. We must go on trying, with persistence and perseverance.

Jagjivan Sahab: “SAdho sumiran bhajan karo. Man manh duvidhA Anahu nAhi, sahajahi dhyAn dharo. dhIraj dhari sanshay nahi rAkhahu, nAm bharose raho. JagjIvan satguru ko bheto, bhavjal pAr karo.” [O noble souls! Practice mediation. Have no doubts in your minds, and do meditation in a natural, unforced, simple state of mind. Have patience – give no room to any sort of apprehensions, and have full faith in the Divine Sound. For this, meet a true Guru, says Jagjivan, and learning the right art/method of meditation, swim across the ocean of existence or the cycle of births and deaths.]

Swami Santsevi Ji: Whatever little is possible, do meditation everyday. But never ever give up or discontinue meditation. You will definitely meet with success. Gurudev (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj) used to say, “If it so happens that you don’t get one of three meals any day, not much harm is done; not as much harm or loss as is incurred if you skip a single-time of meditation on any given day.” If the situation is such that a meal has to be skipped in a day, let it be so, no big deal; but never ever skip meditation. All of you please keep on practicing meditation regularly, everyday. Gurudev will bestow you with success!

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