>Seeking God Realization Within Our Own Human Body



Seeking God Realization Within Our Own Human Body

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection“}

It must not be forgotten that the human body is transient and fleeting. It is ours only for a very limited period of time. This body is similar to a hollow bubble that will burst after a short length of time. This body, for which we do so much, is as brittle as glass and may at any moment be shattered to pieces. Once you have seen this light in everything around you, our soul only finds contentment and inner peace seeking the Lord’s spiritual union. Throughout our life here on earth, we often experience feelings of loneliness and pain. According to the mystics, God has placed these feelings in our hearts in order to pull us back to Him. If we had not felt this longing, we would not have turned from outside involvement in worldly activities to inside involvement in religious pursuits. The feeling of separation will persist as long as the soul does not return to its original home and meet the Lord.

It is now evident the necessity to seek God realization but realize it is within our own human body. First, unless we have firm faith that God resides within, we cannot begin the search to find Him. A man must have some kind of faith before he undertakes any journey. For example, if a jar of gold coins is said to be hidden underground, then one must first have faith that the jar is actually there. Only then can one begin the labor required to reach this glorious prize. Likewise, a disciple starts his journey on the basis of faith alone, and this faith is proven through the progress the devotee makes. One question is if this is possible to do so and how. We need to seek out a Perfect Master that has actually been through the process and has achieved God realization. It is evident that a Perfect Master comes into this world to show us the path which leads us back to our true Home. Masters do not come into this world by means of their own will; they are always appointed by the Lord.

The Importance of a Perfect Living Master
by Dr. Narinder Ravi Goyal (New Book)

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