>Petals of Love: The Holy Name of Beloved Lord Radhasoami, and Conduct According to the Radhasoami Faith



Petals of Love: The Holy Name of Beloved Lord Radhasoami, and Conduct According to the Radhasoami Faith

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
“Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection”}

The Concept and the Name of the Supreme Being in the Radhasoami Faith, by Agam Prasad Mathur (Dada Ji), in the book, Petals of Love:

The Radhasoami Faith is essentially a faith of love. Great stress has been laid by its founder leaders on the generation of love for the Supreme Creator, the Supreme Master who is all love. Love is the prime source of boundless energy. Love is bliss, and thus the Supreme Being is Supreme Bliss. Love is Light and Truth and from them emanates intelligence. Thus the Supreme Being is an infinite ocean of bliss, intelligence, energy, truth and light. He is eternal and unchangeable and the sole director of the whole creation. Such a Supreme Being is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He is all-pervading. The entire universe is the creation of His own current and as such He is present at every stage in the creation. All the religions of the world believe the Supreme Being to be omnipresent and all-pervading that is Sarva Vyapak and Sarva Deshi but Radhasoami Faith like all other Sant sects of the past believes the Supreme Being to be both Sarva Deshi, that is, omnipresent and Ekdeshi, that is, confined to one region. Laying great emphasis upon this point, the second Guru of Radhasoami Faith, Hazur Maharaj says that without accepting Him to be Ekdeshi, it is not possible to translate and elaborate the spirit and to cross the limits of maya and it would be difficult to get admission to His abode which is pure bliss, love and energy……

Radhasoami signifies both the Supreme Being and the original spirit or sound current which emanates from His Holy feet and which is the fundamental factor in the whole creation. The Supreme Being who has manifested Himself as the Creator can be compared with an ocean of bliss, love, truth, energy and sound (shabd). A creative ocean cannot be perceived without commotion or wave. A single wave tends to produce a cumulative effect which results in the continuous flow of waves. The ocean can thus be called the master creator that is Soami and the first original wave as Radha. With the commotion or rise of the wave, a sound also reverberates. That sound is Radhasoami. So it is equivalent to an announcement from the Supreme Being of His own name.

The Radhasoami Faith stands for love. Love has two components — the lover and the beloved. The Supreme Being is all love and in Him the two components — the lover and the beloved are manifested in all excellence. The first wave which emanated from the Prime Source is the lover, that is, Radha and the beloved is Prime Source itself, that is, Soami. But as the wave is the chief component of the ocean so Radha is identical and one with Soami.

As has already been explained, Radhasoami is the spiritual resonance reverberating incessantly in the highest region of creation where no mind and matter exist. The original resonance or adi-shabd (first sound) is Soami. Radha is the creative force which emanated from adi-shabd. Radha, being the first creative force, having its source in adi-shabd, and completely identical with it, is known as adi-surat. Radhasoami together signifies the store house of Shabd which is sound and energy both.

Prem Bani (Hymn) from Huzur Maharaj:

Have firm faith in, and reliance on RADHASWAMI.
Radhasoami will accomplish all your tasks.

The Supreme Father Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul]
loves you dearly.
He will redeem you in a moment.
Believe what I say is true.

Know that Radhasoami is your True Beloved.
His heart is overflowing with compassion for souls.
He imparts them his own strength and redeems them.

Have no anxiety or worry in your mind now.



…….. every moment.

Always utter ‘RADHASOAMI’,
the Name of the Merciful Supreme Being.
Then only will mind and Kal become powerless against you.

Radhasoami is my most Beloved Lord.

Conduct, By Agam Prasad Mathur, in the Book, Petals of Love:

A true satsangi should in all faith and sincerity adhere to the following edicts:

1. Radhasoami faith is the true religion and Radhasoami is the name of the true Supreme Being.

2. The Sant-satguru of the time is the Supreme Being incarnate. With all love and humility, the devotee should serve him with body, mind and soul. His satsang should be attended with full faith and attention.

3. The true name revealed by the Satguru is Radhasoami. It is Dhunyatmak naam or the supreme resonance of the highest division of creation; all others who have manifested themselves at lower spheres are subordinate to it. Radhasoami as such is the all-pervading spiritual resonance that harmonizes the sounds of different lower regions; hence Radhasoami is the sat-shabd or true holy name.

4. By implanting this true name within one’s own self with all love and faith, the sumiran, dhyan and bhajan should be practiced [sumiran/simran: repeating God’s Name (Radhasoami), dhyan: visualising the form of one’s Sant-satguru/teacher and seeing inner Light; bhajan: meditating upon the inner Sound]. Bhajan or surat-shabd-yoga should be practiced in a secluded place regularly and with all reliance in the grace and mercy of Radhasoami Dayal [the Compassionate Lord of the Soul] and Satguru; whatever is observed and heard should be kept secret and should not be divulged to others under any circumstances.

5. A true satsangi should surrender himself entirely to the mauj [will] of the Satguru. Whatever comes to pass in his life, he should not complain; rather he should take it to be for his good.

6. Animal diet and intoxicants should be totally avoided. Use of rich food and over-eating should also be avoided. The period of sleep should be gradually reduced to six hours a day.

7. Attachment to the worldly people and the material objects should be reduced to the minimum. Worldly thoughts should not be allowed to overpower the mind. The mind and senses should be kept under control. Public and private duties should be performed with mental equanimity.

8. Feeling of pride and vanity in matters of caste, wealth, position and personal qualifications should not be allowed to grow. Love and humility are true virtues or real personal ornaments which should be adopted.

9. Jealousy, antagonism and anger should not be entertained. Time should not be wasted in useless pursuits and gossip. A habit of forgiveness and tolerance should be inculcated.

10. Feeling of love, affection and brotherhood for fellow satsangis should be cultivated. A true desire to fulfill the ideals of bhakti [love and devotion] should be nurtured.

11. Attention should in no case be diverted to activities, customs and functions detrimental to true spiritual pursuits. Fear of worldly gain should not distract the mind from fulfilling the requirements of the faith.

12. Benevolence and charity should be adhered to and a certain portion of the earnings should be spent in parmarthi activities.

13. One should deal with others in the same manner as one would wish others to behave with him. If one is not in a position to do good to others, he should under no circumstances cause any harm to them. Nothing should be done with the motive of gaining name and fame in the world.

14. The spiritual realization, inner secrets of the practice of surat-shabd-yoga [meditation upon the inner Sound of God (Radhasoami)], and inner revelations of His grace and mercy should at no cost be disclosed by a devotee to anybody except the Satguru.

15. Truth should be the guideline in the performance of all activities, spiritual or temporal, for a satsangi. Nothing that falls short of truth should be acceptable to him.

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