>Light and Sound on the Path for October 25th, 2009



Light and Sound on the Path for October 25th, 2009

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Sant Mat Radio

October Sant Mat Satsang PODcast at Blog Talk Radio: Go To:

Spiritual Awakening Radio: Dr. Jagessar Das: An Introduction to the Path of Kabir: Part 1 – New Archived Show Available Online: CLICK TO LISTEN:

Spiritual Awakening Radio: Dr. Jagessar Das: An Introduction to the Path of Kabir: Part 2 – New Archived Show Available Online: CLICK TO LISTEN:

Spiritual Awakening Radio: Dr. Jagessar Das: An Introduction to the Path of Kabir: Part 3 – New Archived Show Available Online: CLICK TO LISTEN:

Guru Kabir

Kabir: All entities in the Universe are the Manifestations of the Same Soul:

Beautiful Short YouTube Video — Words of Kabir:

“Meditation will remove all your burdens; meditation upon Ram’s [God’s] name will become your support.” — Guru Kabir

Kabir says: “If you merge your life in the Ocean of Life, you will find your life in the Supreme Land of Bliss.”

Guru Kabir: “O my brother, surrender everything and recite the Name.” Here Kabir is saying that through the technique of repeating/reciting God’s Name every day we will reach the ultimate state. We have to catch the root first, and the root of devotion is simran, the repetition of the sacred words imparted by the Master. If we remember God this way during the day, when we sit down to meditate, it’s much easier to reach the Light at the Third Eye Center.

My Sweet Lord — George Harrison — YouTube:

“There is no other God like compassion on living beings and worship of the Supreme Self.”
— Kabir, in the Bijak, published by Shri Kabir Ashram, Jamnagar, India

The Soul, A Drop from the Divine Ocean

Supreme Self or Atman is a Hindu term for God. I’m also attracted to the Jainist term “Supreme Soul”.

It occurs to me that the definition of “soul” for most is really atman or Spirit combined with the astral and mental subtle bodies/coverings. Those are generally lumped together and called “the soul.” That’s understandable of course, as it represents “us” as separate individual or individualized “drops” of the Divine Ocean. Kirpal Singh’s axiom is: “God plus mind [manas] is man, and man minus mind [manas] is God.”

“Each spirit entity [soul] is a pure spark or atom of divine consciousness and is of the same essence as God. Yet though these sparks are ontologically united with the Divine, they are existentially separated from it. This separation needs to be undone, for as a mystic once expressed it, ‘our hearts are ever restless until they find their rest.'” — Stephan Hoeller, Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition

This passage from Gnostic Bishop Stephan Hoeller above is very much in harmony with the Path of the Masters, which teaches that the soul is already is Sat Lok, the True Eternal Timeless Spiritual Realm, but doesn’t realize it. The outer world via the five senses comes pouring in — we are outwardly gazing all the time and dominated by mind and matter. We have accepted our own reflections (bodies) as the only reality. Thus the need for meditation, and not just any form of meditation, but an initiation into the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God or Inner Space within, that we might know, see and hear spiritually, and explore those realms we inhabit that are beyond mind and matter.

Sage Sanathumara in the Chandogya Upanishad said, “The Self is one, though it appears to be many. Those who meditate upon the Self and realize the Self go beyond decay and death, beyond separateness and sorrow.” “Know the Self as Lord of the chariot, the body as the chariot itself, the discriminating intellect as the charioteer, and the mind as the reins.” (Katha Upanishad)

The term Bandagi Saheb in Kabir Panth: Bandagi is from the Sanskrit ‘vandana’ – a salutation, and saheb is master. Bandagi saheb thus means: “I offer salutation or greeting to the master dwelling in you”. Bandagi Saheb! Bandagi Saheb reminded me of the word “Namaste'”, which means: “The God in me bows to the God in you.”

Rumi: Travel Not the Road Alone

A friend is needed; travel not the road alone,
Take not thy own way through this desert!
Whoso travels this road alone
Only does so by aid of the might of holy men.
The hand of the Director is not weaker than theirs;
His hand is none other than the grasp of Allah!
If absent saints can confer such protection,
Doubtless present saints are more powerful than absent.
If such food be bestowed on the absent,
What dainties may not the guest who is present expect? — RUMI

Wishbone Ash: You Rescue Me

Among the stars on this side of heaven
I lay broken and destroyed.
When people on the earth have cut you down
The sky’s the only place to hide.
And as I floated in the moonlit night
You arrived to take me home.
I kissed your hand and I came back to life
And all the wrong became all right.

In all of my dreams
You rescue me
It always seems you rescue me

I was wandering down endless roads
A fallen angel in the cold
You appeared before me like a vision
To whisper love I used to know
So easily you gave to me secret promises
Like only magic words can flow

In all of my dreams
You rescue me
It always seems you rescue me

Wishbone Ash: You Rescue Me — YouTube:

Rumi Poetry: The Masnavi, Book One, By Rumi — PDF:

Rumi and Other Sufi Books Online — Great Sufi Website:

Sant Darshan Singh: tujhey kya khabar: ghulam ali — YouTube:

Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar

Am a fan of Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar, a great Satguru who lived in Bihar a couple centuries back. Sant Dariya Kabir, the Son of Sat Purush and Adi-Guru who incarnates from time to time to restart the spiritual path of Inner Light and Sound on the Earth during this present Kali Yuga age, starting a lineage of Masters, so that over the generations souls may be initiated. He said: “As long as the discipline of the Sound Current is preserved unadulterated, the line of succession will continue. But when it is mixed with outer rituals and external garbs, My Sound Current will part company…I shall come to this world, and shall again proclaim the teaching of the Sound Current. Proclaiming the teaching, I shall again found the line of succession, and emancipating the souls, I shall take them to my Abode. For aeons I have been coming, and emparting the teaching of the true Sound Current.”

Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar: “Be not intimidated by any fear. Hold fast to the Naam (the Positive Power of inner Light and Sound of God) which is always there to help.” “Reflect thoughtfully and hold fast to my technique of the Sound Current. Then having realized the True Sound, cross the Ocean of this World (Samsara).”

“So long as love is not obtained, fondness for the Beloved cannot arise. When nectar-like true love takes abode within oneself, only then can one contact the loving Sound.” (Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar)

George Harrison on the Soul:

What Is Life – George Harrison:

The Beatles – Inner Light — YouTube:

Lord Mahavira, Divali, and the Inner Sound in Jainism

While Divali is popularly known as the “festival of lights”, the most significant spiritual meaning is “the awareness of the inner light”. (Wikipedia)

Until the last moments of his life Lord Mahavira inspired many to seek world peace through the attainment of inner peace, and he encouraged people to realize their divine nature. For 30 years he traveled throughout India to spread his message. At the age of 72, on the day of Divali in the town of Pawa Puri, Mahavira ended his worldly journey. In the state of deep meditation he attained nirvana. (Swami Sant Sevi Ji)

The Inner Sound in Jainism: Acharya Tulsi says: “From the infinitesimal point and the divine sound the subtlest waves (vibrations) reverberate.” In his book, The Method of Using Preksha Dhyāna, Acharya, Mahapragya writes: “Close both ears with your hands and listen to the inner sounds.” Swami Jnananada says in the Pandita Puja: “In the divine sound of God (Bhagawan) all the mysteries are revealed.” Shri Jinendravarni states: “What does one hear with these ears? It is a sweet sound. . . Closing my eyes, as if I were united with God, I was away from this world. Only my Peace incarnate and dispassionate Lord (Mahavira) and I existed [ego and worldly concerns had vanished in the state of complete tranquility].” (The Harmony of All Religions, Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

The book, Harmony of All Religions, by Swami Sant Sevi Ji, on the inner Light and Sound teachings in all the major world religions. The Jainism chapter – PDF:

Video of Swami Sant Sevi Ji Giving a Satsang Talk, Part One:


Moodly Blues: “The Word”

This garden universe vibrates complete.
Some we get a sound so sweet.
Vibrations reach on up to become light,
And then thru gamma, out of sight.
Between the eyes and ears there lay,
The sounds of colour and the light of a sigh.
And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe.
But its all around if we could but perceive.
To know ultra-violet, infra-red and x-rays,
Beauty to find in so many ways.
Two notes of the chord, thats our fluoroscope.
But to reach the chord is our lifes hope.
And to name the chord is important to some.
So they give a word, and the word is om.

Moodly Blues: “Om”

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

The Earth turns slowly round
Far away the distant Sound
Is with us everyday
Can you hear what it say
…OM, OM, Heaven, OM

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

YouTube: Moody Blues: The Word, and, OM:

“The Sound Current: Sweeter and sweeter its heavenly strains vibrate through every living being, great or small, from world to world, and from universe to universe. Its life-giving melodies may not be consciously heard by those who are not trained to catch them, but there is not one living being in all creation which does not derive its life from this Current”. (Julian Johnson, Path of the Masters)

Nada Dhyana (Yoga of Sound) – Swami Achyutanand Ji Maharaj:

Baba Sawan Singh Maharaj Ji – part 1 — YouTube:

Leaving the Matrix–A variety of negative thought-beliefs prevent souls from success in meditation:

An amazing YouTube video: The Morning Prayer (Jap Ji) of Guru Nanak, in English, with Chant in Gurmuki and text in both English and Gurmuki:

A Living Mystic Path

Swami Sant Bhagirath Baba: “Moving down from the middle of the two eyes is going towards ignorance, and moving up from the middle of two eyes is going towards Knowledge.” “The beginning of the Turiyaa state has been said be the Aajnaa-chakra (the Guru instructs about the Point in between the two eyes where the vision of both unites), and the destination of this is in Kaivalya-the State of Oneness-Pure Consciousness.”

Sant Mat means: “The Way of the Saints” or “Path of the Masters.” Inner Light and Sound Meditation works best when practiced with a spirit of Love and Devotion for God, the Beloved Lord of Love. Divine Currents of Love, Light, and Sound to All.

Sant Mat: Awakening to the Light:

Seeking a spiritual path, meetings (satsangs) in your area, Initiation into Inner Light and Sound Meditation? What city are you in or near? Reply back and I can send you contact info.

In the Love, Light and Sound of the Beloved,

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