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Bijak of Guru Kabir: Ramaini 67

Sant Mat at Gaia Blog:

Kabir Says:

I like that relative who prevents me from going into evil ways, and
guides me into the righteous path;
He is wise who remains on the righteous path; he makes others search,
and never forgets himself;
He is a false guru if he does not show the real path to his disciple.
If the disciple gets the grace of Satguru then he will worship God.
A small amount of success is enough to misguide a man;
Seeing his wealth and family he becomes a victim of pride.

Sakhi: The soul departed and the lamp of life went out; the body became ruined;
Those who died are already dead; let the living save them selves.

Commentary by Dr. Jaggessar Das:

In this ramaini Guru Kabir talks about living on the righteous path. This path is shown to a disciple by a true guru. But there are false gurus, who do not truly guide their disciples on a spiritual path. If the disciple is fortunate to have the grace of a true guru, then he will be shown the way to worship God. True worship of God resides in the heart and it is not an external form, as many people in the world practice. A true guru will, himself, remain on the path, and will encourage others to follow in the same path, so he may also gain freedom from the bondage of the world.

Just as when a person develops pride by obtaining some material wealth, just so a person can develop pride by having a small amount of spiritual wealth. Such a person cannot obtain liberation from this world. There are many false teachers in the world who pride themselves with their learning. But their learning is shallow when it comes to the knowledge of God. They are full of words but not of realization. Such a teacher cannot guide a disciple into a righteous path and help him to obtain liberation.

Guru Kabir emphasizes the point that we should not be concerned about those who have already died. They are gone and cannot be of any help to us who are living. Each one of us has to travel on the path of righteousness and try to obtain liberation for ourselves. We should try to find such a spiritual teacher who has the light of spiritual wisdom shining in him. We should be able to take spiritual light from him and become enlightened ourselves.


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