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Mystic-Poetry of the Sants of India: Tukarama and Kabir: Always, always meditate day and night

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Tukarama: Invoke God With Love, and Utter His Name Time After Time

When I utter Thy name,
my mind becomes composed.
The tongue enjoys
a stream of ambrosia.
Good omens of all kinds take place.
The mind is colored in Thy vision,
and becomes steady on Thy feet.
One becomes satisfied………
Desires come to an end……..
Happiness meets happiness,
and there is no limit
to blessedness.

The whole body
feels cool
when one meditates
on the Name.
The senses forget their
movements. . . . . .
By the sweet nectar-like love
of God, one is
full of energy and
all kinds of sorrow depart it immediately.

The body which was hitherto unclean,
becomes lustrous by the power of
the Name, the mind is purified,
and repentance puts a stop to one’s
accumulated Karma.

The evil passions are conquered;
all the impulses are nipped in the bud
by the power of the Name.

One should sit at a place,
concentrate his mind,
invoke God
with love,
and utter His name
time after time.
I swear by God’s name,
says Tuka,
that there is no other way
of reaching God:
indeed, this is the easiest
of all ways.

(Mysticism In India — The Poet-Saints of Maharashtra, R.D. Ranade,
SUNY Press, NY)

Kabir: Your Heavy Load is Taken Off —
Meditation Will Remove All Your Burdens

Meditation leads to salvation’s door:
Go to heaven —
why go back to the world?
In the house of the fearless One,
where music, unstruck, sounds,
you shall play trumpets.

Meditate upon Him in your heart.
Without meditation there is no salvation. (Rest)

Unfettered meditation
brings salvation:
Your heavy load is taken off.
Welcome Him in your heart,
so you will not be born
again and again.

Blissful meditation
will light a lamp inside you
that does not need any oil.
This lamp will make you immortal;
this lamp will draw out the poison
of lust and anger.

Pierce this meditation
that gives you salvation,
and wear it around your neck.
Never take it off.
Meditate always:
Your guru’s grace will get you across.

Meditation will free you
from dependence on others:
You will sleep on silken sheets at home.
Your heart will be at peace;
your life will blossom:
Deeply drink this meditation.

This meditation
will erase your blemishes;
you will be free from Maya’s touch.
Meditate, meditate, and sing,
“Hari, Hari” [God, God]. You will obtain
this meditation from your true guru [Satguru].

Always, always meditate day and night:
When you rise, when you lie down,
when you breathe in, when you breathe out.
Waking or sleeping,
relish the taste of meditation —
meditation will bring union.

Meditation will remove all your burdens;
meditation upon Ram’s name
will become your support.
Kabir, says, “He is limitless.”

(Songs of Kabir from the Adi Granth, Nirmal Das, SUNY Press, NY)

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