>Shabds of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib


Shabds of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib

Radhasoami Reality:

{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection“}

My Beloved has left me in an alien region. I have been separated from Him. Alas! Wretched sleep is not coming to me, nor, O friend, am I blessed with the advent of the dawn. Weeping all night, tears have been flowing from my eyes, and I have been sighing and bemoaning. (1) Waves of yearning keep on biting me like a cobra and, without the Beloved my restlessness is intense. Like one struck by lightning, I smart in pain and agony and my heart palpitates. (2) A great fire rages in my heart, although it does not give out any smoke. I lie alone on my bed as though my separation had been preordained. (3) From whom shall I try to know of my Beloved’s whereabouts and where to shall I write letters enquiring of him? I shall smear my body with ashes, and put on the garb of a Yogin (female ascetic). (4) On having found the Sat Guru, I shall adopt His Saran (refuge, protection), and I shall follow the path to my Beloved’s abode. My heart’s desire, says Tulsi, is that my Surat [soul] may meet the Beloved. (5)

O Friend ! My Guru has shown me the inaccessible and original abode. He has enabled me to understand the true faith, and perceive Surat and Anhad Shabd. I have had Darshan [vision] of the Beloved and have recognized His abode. All this could not be achieved without the mercy and help of the Sant. (1) Shabd [Divine Sound] resounds in the region of Sunn [void]. Catch hold of it, recognize the easy path, and train yourself to this end. (2) Recognize the goal which knows no form and delineation, and yet each pore of that Being has the refulgence of a crore of suns. (3) Says Tulsi that he is the dust of the holy feet of the Sat Guru. By His mercy and grace, he has been able to see the highest and the eternal abode. (4)

The ocean of existence is unfathomably vast and without any port of safety. It cannot be crossed — If you meet Sat Guru, the boatman, then only will you get across and reach your abode. The world is a net which Maya [illusion] has cast for the Jiva [soul]. Says Tulsi that, under the sway of greed and attachment, the Jiva [soul] wanders in the transmigratory cycle.

Concentrating your Surat repeatedly, remain withdrawn towards the region of the eyes [eye center, third eye]. Cleansing the mirror, as it were, of the body and mind, let your Surat [soul] proceed on. If you get the opportunity of looking beyond, you will find the truth. Says Tulsi, if you become the dust of the holy feet of the Sant, you will see refulgence.

Whosoever took proper care of his Surat [soul], did not have any fear of Kal [lord of time]. His Surat ascended, and on rushing to Gagan [inner mystic sky] reached her Lord. She met her Beloved on repairing to the abode at Agam Pur [inaccessible region]. Says Tulsi, the illusions, delusions and misery of innumerable lives were thus obliterated.

Listen, O friend ! Great is the status of Sants. It is beyond the reach of yoga and such other methods or practices. (1) In that region of Sants there is neither sound nor any form. It is beyond Sunn [void] and Maha-sunn [great void]. (2) The gunas [attributes] and nirguna [formlessness] have no access there. Sat Nam is the Beloved’s region, which the Jiva should attain. (3) Says Tulsi, he knows the True Name of the Abode of the August, NAMELESS and Infinite Being. (4)

— Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, translated into English by S.D. Maheshwari, Agra

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