>Following the Path of Inner Light & Sound, By J.L. Chaudhari


Following the Path of Inner Light & Sound, By J.L. Chaudhari

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
“Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection”}

“The real message of man’s life is “Be Man”. The question is how to follow this principle and what should we do to adopt this principle and formula for finding a way to God, which is nothing but salvation.

“The only way is to surrender oneself in the Lotus feet of Spiritual Master. After this surrender the disciple and Master become one because a true surrender makes one free from the bondage of senses, dilution, affection, etc, etc. So far we are under the control of worldly desires — the surrender is not possible. So the first step is to be free from worldly desires. But that does not mean that the needs for worldly living should not be fulfilled. In fact, needs should be fulfilled and not the desires. If we have taken birth as a human being — some food (energy) is necessary for the body to work, but it is not necessary that we always aspire for multi course meals — it is necessary to put on some cloths to cover the body but not necessary that silk linen is put on — it is necessary that there is a small shelter for living but not necessary that a marble fitted house is with us.

“As a human being we have to survive in this world without caring for ourselves much, without looking to the ills of others, rather looking towards ills of ourselves purifying ourselves first and then do something for the purification of others. This is living like a “lotus” in a pond, and that is why the goddess Saraswati the goddess for knowledge, wisdom and intellect, sits on the Lotus. The Lotus flower blossoms in muddy pond, but any one looking at the flower exclaims, “Wow! How beautiful the flower is?” The whole world is a muddy pond and we have to survive in the midst of mud like a lotus flower which does not care for mud but it blossoms for the pleasure and happiness of others. Every morning with the sunrise the lotus blossoms. This is what we should also follow. The divine Power and Light emanated by the Spiritual Master makes us to blossom like the lotus flower provided we have full trust and faith in our spiritual Master.

“Sant Mat does not look at the race, the cast, the sect or any other identification for a person. Rather, it looks into the true sense of service, sacrifice surrender, devotion, determination, trust, belief of person towards the Master, and those who have these characteristics they may be belonging to any cast, race, country, direction or of any identification can join this Yoga, but for that a true spiritual Master is a must. I don’t know whether you have adopted some spiritual Master or your are under the shelter of someone as a spiritual Master. If so, please do surrender yourself to him or her for all what you desire to attain and achieve. The spiritual Master is not their body. Rather, it is the Divine Light the Divine Sound and your own wisdom, your own conscious, and your own perception, which is selfless and without any expectation from any one on this earth.”

Yours in Him,

— J.L. Chaudhari

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