>Lighten the Load of Karma Through Inner Light


Lighten the Load of Karma Through Inner Light

Masters say it is a good idea to meditate everyday to lighten the load of karma. The inner currents of Sound and Light wash away karma and give us more divine grace, thus uplifting our destiny to the highest good. The Force known as Shabd Naam (Divine Sound and Light) coming from above, busts into the world of time and space, freeing souls from the laws of karma. We become what we see. If we contemplate the Light of God………we become That. This is what the Greek mystics called, “Theosis” and, “Divinivation by contemplating the Light of the Godhead.” Sant Sevi Ji once made an amazing statement about one of the positive effects of being able to see the inner Light during meditation: “When we see darkness with our eyes closed we are in the realm of death and re-birth [we are unaware of our true nature.]. When we come out of the realm of darkness and enter into the realm of Light, we will at the same time transcend the web of death. It is not possible that we can remain in darkness and be free from the net of birth and death. Having achieved inner Light, we can be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.” (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, The Harmony of All Religions)

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