>The most powerful divine force in your life

>The most powerful divine force in your life

The most powerful divine force in your life

Spiritual Awakening:
{“Exploring the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Gnostic Gospels, Hidden or Lost Scriptures, Mysticism, Books, and Music”}


Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj, from,
“The Truth Absolute”,
published by http://www.United-Satsang.org

The more you compare your unadjusted life with that ideal life and reorient yourself, the easier it is for you to maintain your balance, your divine personality and good relations with others. Through self introspection, self adjustment and the spontaneous reorientation of your self, you begin to maintain the ideal conditions of your life.

The most powerful divine force in your life is the intensity of your devotion to your living Ideal or Master with all understanding and wisdom. Your untottering faith in your Master or God helps you to absorb the right ideal qualities from Him to energise and shape your life. This devotion comes from your dedication, love and service and from following his wishes and all his guidance to point your life in the right direction at every crossroad and every moment of life.

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