>Kirpal Singh Satsang: God is Nameless, Formless, Wordless, Soundless

>Kirpal Singh Satsang: God is Nameless, Formless, Wordless, Soundless

God is Absolute-He is Nameless, Formless, Wordless, Soundless; although when He came into expression, He began to be known by different Names. There is Naam, Shabd, Word, and various others. Through’ Naam, all Khand and Brahmand were created. In the New Testament it states, In the beginning was the Word, and Word was with God, and the Word was God. So all creation came into expression, when the Lord expressed Himself. Through the vibration of that expression, two aspects came forth and they are Light and Sound. God is Light, God is Sound, God is Naam, God is the Music of the Spheres. By a parallel study of all religions you will find that the basic teachings are the same. Even the Greek philosophers had experience of this basic Truth. Socrates said that he had heard a voice which had taken him to another world, and Pythagoras spoke of the harmony of all harmonies. Zoroaster used the term Sarosha, which means the Unstruck Sound. When Lord Buddha was about to leave the world, He asked each of His principle disciples to state how they had achieved Golden Samadhi, the state of rising above the body and entering the Beyond. After each one had described his experience of Light, Sound, etc., Lord Buddha declared,

“Hear ye all, Oh coming generations,
the way back to Golden Samadhi
is only through intrinsic hearing.”

Intrinsic hearing is another term for contact with Naam, contact with the Sound Principle. All great Masters have given this teaching-the Path of Light and Sound-and these are the only two paths within, which reach the outcome or the Absolute Lord. The Absolute Lord cannot be described. He is neither this nor that, but His expression of Light and Sound is the way or path back to Him.

(from a talk by Master Kirpal published in the October 1973 issue of Sat Sandesh)

The Master’s Talk,
2007 Series
Ruhani Satsang
Blaine, WA


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