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Lovable Peeps

“All life is one. The Gurbani says, ‘Who is not your child? Everyone is your very own. We have all been created from one Light.’ We are all made in the image of God ….. everyone one of us, male, female, black, white, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist…. If we keep the remembrance of God, the simran that we have been given as an anchor, then it will happen by itself [we will be seeing God in others and living a life of love]. We will be able to tell whether we are doing that by how much love is proceeding from us…..The most important thing in terms of outer context for satsangis to do is to be lovable. The more lovable we are, the easier we make it for other people to love us. We benefit them as well as have a good time. It’s always nicer to be around people who love us than people who don’t.”

— Russell Perkins, from a recent satsang talk in Sebastopol, California

(from a tape I just got in the mail, from the Sant Bani Ashram tape circuit)

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