>An Accomplished Living Teacher

>An Accomplished Living Teacher

Saints and sages have unveiled all the mysteries of the spiritual journey and of self-realization in their discourses. All the techniques have been documented in books. But without an accomplished teacher, we will not be able to understand the correct technique of true knowledge just by reading……The appropriate spiritual teacher should be a person who has considered and discovered the realities of atma and anatma (bondage and liberation), and who practices the spiritual path. Such a teacher should have attained direct experience of Truth through spiritual disciplines. This is teacher you should take instruction from. The grace of teacher is also necessary for success in the spiritual pursuit. When you learn the methods for inner meditation, you should practice diligently. Moral rectitude is also very essential in this pursuit.

— Shri Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj,
“The Harmony of All Religions”
Maharishi Mehi Ashram

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