>The Mind is Filled with the Divine Music of the Spheres

>The Mind is Filled with the Divine Music of the Spheres

Sant Mat Fellowship:
{“Come out of the circle of time,
and into the circle of love.” — RUMI}

The Lord placed the soul in the body’s cave,
And the breath held the Music of Life.
He made each body with nine gates, (25)
With the Tenth Gate (26); remaining well hid.
And the Tenth Door was opened to him
Who truly loved the Guru’s wisdom.
And there lives the Lord in His myriad forms,
as well as the nine treasures of the Name.
His limit cannot be found.

Says Nanak, the Lord placed the soul in the
body’s cave and the breath held the Music of Life.

Listen to this Song of Bliss, you blessed ones,
And all your heart’s longings shall be fulfilled.
You will reach the Transcendent Lord, and
your sorrows will depart.
All afflictions and sorrows are destroyed
at the Sound of the True Word,
And my friends, the saints were in ecstasy when
the perfect Guru revealed it.
Those who speak and those who listen are pure,
And they see the All-pervading Lord everywhere.
Nanak prays: Attaching to the feet of the Guru,
The mind is filled with the divine Music of the Spheres.

— Guru Amar Das
Anand Sahib, Peace Lagoon translation


(25) “nine gates”: The nine visible orifices of the body.

(26) “The Tenth Gate”: The Tenth, or Hidden, Gate of the body: The Third Eye, in essence, is the Portal to inner realms. The Upanishads describe a human being as a city with ten gates. Nine gates (eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, urethra, anus) lead to the outside world. The Tenth Gate, the Third Eye, opens onto inner worlds: the whole spectrum of levels of consciousness.

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