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>The Mind Turns Inward

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The mind is entrapped by the illusion.
The five senses are busy quarrelling.
In order to awaken from the illusory world,
Recite God’s name, Realize the Absolute,
Understand his indescribable glory —
God’s grace is showering on you.

The Mind Turns Inward

God manifests in the heart of the devotee,
One whose body is as good as gold!
With the testing stone of devotion,
God tests the heart of the illumined,
Just as the goldsmith tests gold,
With the testing stone.
As the mind of the illumined steadies,
Divine knowledge awakens within him.

All those years of searching for God,
Outside oneself are finally ended.
The mind turns inward and meditates.
God has been found within.
The body, once valueless as tin,
Is transformed into pure luminous gold.

— Guru Kabir, (New Book)
“Kabir — Songs of the Divine”,
Translated by Dr. Jagessar Das
of the Kabir Association,
Surry, BC Canada:
Published by Urban Mystic Books:


  1. >suni sunai baat nahi ,ye likhi likhai baat,dulha dulhan mil gaye, phiki lagi barat…among the most deep sayings of sant kabir”its not just written or told since ages, its true….when the bride and groom unite… their glory out does that of the marriage procession….”

  2. >dearest james…i will let you know when i add a few more books…blessings and prayers,sheetal…

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